The Chrysalis Conversations

#105 When you just know it's time to take action

October 17, 2022 Season 3 Episode 105
The Chrysalis Conversations
#105 When you just know it's time to take action
Show Notes
In this episode I am joined by Debbie Harrell as she shares her journey to making some significant changes in her life as a result of challenges she experienced, that led to her own transformation and growth.

BIO: Debbie Harrell has spent the past 25 years raising her children and trying to be a good human, volunteering in her community & separating her garbage. She is a life-long learner and loves investigating and analyzing; often to a fault. She is especially interested in the way people live, stories of resiliency and finding opportunities in the obstacles. She loves problem-solving and excels at looking at challenges from unique angles and different perspectives. When she found herself unemployed in early 2020 due to covid, she decided it was time to do something she has always wanted to do…start her own business. The middle of a world-wide pandemic is the perfect time, right? It was obvious that there were huge shifts happening all around, and many people were feeling overwhelmed by all the uncertainty, so Debbie set out to find a way to help. She was fascinated by what the world was experiencing and was certain there was a way to take more of an active role in shaping what our future looked like. She founded the New World Normal as a way to help people who were feeling isolated and overwhelmed. New World Normal provides a soft space to explore and question our society's norms. Debbie has recently become a Certified Life Coach and loves helping her clients design a life of purpose and joy for the New World Normal.

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