The Chrysalis Conversations

#103 Working Smarter In 2022 (Our 3rd of 4 feature episodes!)

October 03, 2022 Season 3 Episode 103
The Chrysalis Conversations
#103 Working Smarter In 2022 (Our 3rd of 4 feature episodes!)
Show Notes

In this episode I am joined by 2 more of our amazing listeners Jade and Sarah as we continue to explore the journey of working a bit smarter in your business to achieve your goals both in your business and your life.

Meet Jade:

Jade Redfern is a Clinical Psychologist, trauma-informed therapist, parent coach and mum of two. She throws herself into life and work with ambition, heart and soul.  

Child development and the parent-child relationship have always been a special interest in her work. However, it was when Jade herself became a parent, with the challenges and obstacles that she has overcome, her passion for helping parents began.  

Jade is a huge believer that the greatest gift a parent can give their child, is his or her own peace and happiness. So, by helping parents develop a greater self-awareness and understanding of how our own childhood shapes our parenting, together we can raise compassionate, confident children who thrive. 

Jade’s career highlights so far have been working at Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Grenfell Trauma Service, helping parents and children from all walks of life heal their invisible wounds. Her passion has always been to help her clients find more calm, confidence and joy in their everyday life.  

Outside of work, Jade enjoys being outdoors, ideally with the sun shining, spending time with family and friends. Her favourite tipple is a gin and tonic and she would always choose a starter over a pudding (but secretly wants both).  


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Meet Sarah:

Growing up on a farm, animals have always been a large part of Sarah's life for as long as she remembers.

Sarah later fell in love with Greyhounds and has re-homed several to date. Although deep chested to hold their large hearts, sadly many are nervous, and Sarah had to research and develop her canine skills to help one particular dog- Sophie. Sophie was a very nervous soul, who loved people but feared the world.

In 2019, Sarah followed a passion and retrained as a dog groomer. Setting up her business with nervous dogs in mind, she chose to do dog grooming 'in-house' where her furry clients could be in the comfort of their own home. This approach enabled Sarah to work with the dogs in their familiar environments, working together with their owners to enable the dogs to have a positive experience. In doing so, building their confidence not only in the grooming environment but often in life in general. Sarah's focus is always on enabling the dogs to succeed.

Sarah can often be found out in the woods with her dogs, exploring Scotland or tending to her pet sheep and chickens at home.


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