The Chrysalis Conversations

#93 Taking Back Control with Margaret Shenken

May 23, 2022 Season 3 Episode 93
The Chrysalis Conversations
#93 Taking Back Control with Margaret Shenken
Show Notes

In this episode I am joined by the lovely Margaret Shenken as she shares her story of transformation and growth from her legal career to successful health and wellness business.

Reminding us that we have much more control over our habits and mindset than we think we do. And it’s not as complicated as we make it.

Margarets Bio: Margaret is a Performance Coach. She is a qualified solicitor, but left her legal career in 2011 and requalified in health and wellbeing. She has now been coaching for over 10 years in fitness, nutrition, mindset and habits.  

Margaret helps both individuals and their teams to become healthier and happier in their work and life, by breaking negative habit cycles and making 1 small positive change at a time. 

Margaret lives in Glasgow with her husband, their three children and two dogs, Charlie and Lola. She has been published in the press and Psychologies magazine, featured on the BBC and has a TEDx talk titled “What if I don’t know what my passion is?”

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