The Chrysalis Conversations

#87 The Power Of Numbers with Jessica Cerato

April 11, 2022 Season 3 Episode 87
The Chrysalis Conversations
#87 The Power Of Numbers with Jessica Cerato
Show Notes

Jessica had always loved numbers, they were just something that she loved and that came easy to her! Little did she know that as she got older numbers would take her from Wall Street Trader to helping others understand themselves and their unique energy through the power of numbers!

Hear Jessica's amazing story and hear how important numbers could be for you too!

Jessica Cerato is a certified Numerologist and energy strategist on a mission to help people prioritize intuition over intellect through the power of numbers.  She loves new ideas and connecting the dots and patterns in the world.  Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, she has always felt connected with her guides - but now, she listens to them!  And with this transformation, she hopes to inspire you to start to listen to yours too.

She lives with her husband and two young girls in North Vancouver, BC and loves spending time in the forest, by the ocean, and dancing in her kitchen.  

Calculate and learn more about your Ruling Number with her free resource at: 

Connect on IG:  @jessica.cerato  
FB: @jessicaceratonumerology + Numbers Don't Lie

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